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Softball Basics and Techniques

Softball is a popular sport, especially in North America. The sport has been growing over the past couple of decades and is now taking the world by storm. Many parents are signing their children up for this sport, and even adults are learning how to play! We know it can be confusing when you first start a new sport, so that’s why we hope this post helps to clarify some terms and basics of softball. Be sure to leave a comment below with any additional advice, tips, or questions you may have!

The first thing to do is choose the correct bat. Choosing the right make, model, size, and material is incredibly important to ensuring your success at the sport! If you pick the wrong bat you won’t experience much success, and may even end up hurting yourself.

Choosing the correct bat is a lengthy topic, so we recommend you visit this site for help picking the best slowpitch softball bat.

When you first start playing softball, you will need to select the proper sized mitt(also known as glove). You may not realize it yet, but each position has a different sized glove which allows them to do certain things better than others. For example: In a catchers glove, there is thick cushioning and padding which helps to absorb the impact of a catch.

There is also less padding in a first baseman’s glove, so that they can feel the ball faster and throw it to where it needs to go.


Outfielders have a different glove size than other positions as well. Theirs is a mix of speed and ensuring the catch, meaning that they rock medium size gloves.


Among all the players, the infielders have the tiniest glove. Its size ranges from 10 to 12 inches. This helps them to quickly catch and unload the ball so that they can move quickly as time is of the essence!




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