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Curious About Bifocal Lenses?

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Most individuals don’t know that contact lenses can be bifocal, trifocal, or perhaps progressive.

But it’s true: New multifocal contacts are being designed yearly for people with presbyopia, a natural problem brought on by age, where the eye’s all-natural lens tenses and sheds the capability to concentrate on close objects.

If you’re presbyopic, you’re not the only one. At some point, virtually everyone is, usually after age 40.

Where situations do vary is how they handle it. Some utilize reading glasses or bifocals. Others select progressive glasses lenses, which remedy near, intermediate, and far vision however without the unattractive frames of conventional glasses. Still others choose bifocal contact lenses.

If you are presbyopic, consider this:

If you’re having trouble seeing up close, you don’t need to wear reading glasses. Just Bifocals contact lenses are available in multifocal layouts, also.

Reading glasses are inconvenient.

One of one of the most typical problems amongst people with reading glasses is needing to put on and take off their glasses all day long. Switching between normal glasses and reading glasses is much more irritating.

Reading glasses have to be brought everywhere. And they are commonly lost or neglected, requiring some people to buy a number of pairs for different areas of their home and office.

Readers and bifocals are not very attractive.

They hide the eyes from the world and emphasize age. Even individuals who are used to wearing glasses do not like the noticeable lines and bulky frames of bifocal glasses.

While no-frame modern enhancement glasses lenses look much better, they are still glasses. And many people object to the distorted vision they provide to the left and right– sadly, this distortion is unavoidable in existing modern glasses layouts.

Ultimately, needing to purchase one or more sets of bifocal or modern sunglasses makes the spectacles alternative rather expensive.

Your response may be multifocal contacts.

There are numerous contact lens formats that offer you assistance in seeing both close up and far away, in addition to proper astigmatism.
To get started with multifocals, your eye care expert will certainly establish your near vision acuity and later select a design that functions well with your cornea size and shape, tear duct, blink pattern and way of life. As with any type of brand-new multifocal eyewear, you’ll also receive brief training on the very best method to utilize the lenses, as well as a follow-up appointment to be sure you’ve adapted to them.

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